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Flat Belts

We offer Flat Belts, which are used as the conveyor belting for assorted industries which include cement manufacturing, steel mills, power plants,  foundries, and paper mills across various sectors. These have impeccable performance from all the viewpoints such as technological, structural, chemical, and manufacturing techniques. The products have been engineered to meet several demanding applications and are offered with precise tension rating. Resistance against rust, burning, these can prevent spillage. The flat structures of the provided belts, are highly abrasion resistant and can deal with heavy wear problems. Offered  Flat Belts insure precise transferring of items with pace and uniformity.

Key Points :
  • Provided with low stretch as well as excellent trough-ability.
  • Have high resistance against abrasion.
  • Impervious to wetness and humidity
  • Mildew as well as rot free, offered with high tear resistance.


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